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Subdomain Finder
Performs an advanced subdomain scan to find most subdomains of the given domain.
Skype Resolver
Attempts to grab an IP address of a Skype account, results are not guaranteed.
IP 2 Skype
Shows all Skype accounts with that specific IP.
Email 2 Skype
Gets Skype accounts associated with e-mail.
Phone Lookup
Get more information about any phone number.
Skype Check
Checks if a Skype account exists or not.
Multiple Port Scanner
Scans all ports of given host.
Single Port Scanner
Scans a single port of given host.
Pings a host 4 times and shows the result.
IP to Host
Gets host of given IP address.
Host to IP
Gets server IP of given host.
Domain Checker
Checks whether a domain is available or not, no matter what extension.
Domain History Check
Checks available IP history of a domain with dates.
CloudFlare Resolver
Attempts to resolve the back-end of any site you give up.
Alexa Rank Checker
Grab the latest Alexa Rank information of any website, including backlinks and top country.
Whois Checker
Whois check on a domain to see who the domain owner is.
Screenshot Tool
Creates a screenshot of any website/url you want.
Locates the given host/ip address.
Website Up or Down Checker
Checks if a host is up or down.
Get Website Headers
Gets the headers of a website.
Link Backup
Makes an online backup of a link.
URL Shortener
Shorts every long URL.
Random String Picker
Gets random string from given text file.
Gets the definition of any word.
Synonym Finder
Gets the alternative words/synonyms for any legitimate english word you fill in.
Email Validator
Checks if given up e-mail exists.
Disposable Mail Check
Checks if given up e-mail is disposable/temporarily or not.
IP Validator
Checks if IP address format is valid.
TOR Checker
Checks whether an IP is from a TOR network or not.
Translates your text (autodetected) to any language.
Random Info Generator
Generates random name address etc. (genders: male/female/all).
Youtube Video Details
Gets all details of a specific YouTube video.
Youtube to MP3
Converts any song up to 10 minutes to MP3.
IP Logger
Creates you a link which you can send to anyone to log their IP.
Bitcoin Balance Checker
Checks the current balance of any Bitcoin address.
Bitcoin Transaction Accelerator
Accelerates/boosts every unconfirmed transaction in the Bitcoin network.
Ethereum Balance Checker
Checks the current balance of any Ethereum address.
Currency Converter
Converts normal and cryptocurrencies to any other currency.
Currency Rates
Shows the rate of every currency in the world based on the unit price of the given source.
Weather Checker
Checks the weather of every city or postal code you give up. Change unit to F for Fahrenheit and C for Celcius.
QR Code Generator
Generates a QR code and uploads it to imgur, useful to quickly share a piece of text or URL.
Text Parser
Extracts text from any image. It works best on English text.
Proxylist fetcher
Fetches you a fresh proxylist, up to 100 proxies.
Proxy Detector
Detects whether an IP address is a proxy/vpn or not. High accuracy!
Password Generator
Generates a random password based on the given configuration. (Customlist is optional)
Random number generator
Generates a random number based on the given length or between parameter. (You can only use length or between, not both)