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Who is the founder of
No idea. Who's your founder?
Do you support JSON format?
Yes we do! Just add &json behind any API url of which you wish to get a JSON output from.
You can also hit the "Enable JSON" button on the API Overview page if you're logged in.
I have paid but I didn't receive my key, what now?!
Don't worry, just send us an email at [email protected] and you'll receive your key within 12 up to 24 hours.
An API isn't working!
Oh damn! Please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected] and we'll fix it for you!
My key got suspended for no reason, help me!
We never suspend any key for no reason. We always have a reason. If you still think it's false anyway, then just contact us at [email protected].
I've got an idea!
Oh! We love idea's, if you have a great idea for us to create an API for. We'd love to hear it. Send us an email at [email protected]!
Can I get a trial key?
We don't believe that getting a trial period will help convincing you to use our services.
All of the API's are working exactly as described below each of them.
How does your resolver work?
This is like asking a chef to give his secret ingredient. In this case, we're the chef of our API's.
Can you help me out building an API into my site, software or bot?
Yes we'd love to, but since time is money, we charge a small service fee of $10 for such services. Contact us through Discord or Email for this.
I see a login page, but no registration form. What's up?
The login page is meant for users who have a key. So once you buy a key, you'll automatically receive your login credentials to your email address.
How do I use an API?

Please just click this button in the right top corner: